A Warrior’s Happiness

Happiness is simple, only the way to get it which is not.
To be happy, she needs to realize. Completely realize that there are some parts in her life that would be out of her control. Realize that sometimes things would happen like the way she never thought before and probably contradict her dream, which she build and try to reach for her life. To be happy, she needs to realize, what she has to do is only to believe, believe to her God. Realize that nothing can change the past. Nothing can turn back the time.

When she realize, she will start to accept what is going on her life. Forgive what she thinks has destroyed all of her dreams and life. Moreover, forgive herself, the hardest thing she can ever do. Commonly we succeed to forgive others but not ourselves, which makes we can’t fully accept what is going on in our life. It is not easy, but it doesn’t mean impossible.

learn to smile against them who broke herself into pieces. Understand that giving hatred and revenge would only bring a minute satisfaction. Knowing that them who talk bad things about her, who are mean to her, are not more than people who are envy and feel threatened by her. She never regrets her decision, she only regrets for letting herself believe to their words, what they want her to feel and believe on herself.

It is only the scars they left on her were too deep for her to cover it by herself. She is scared, scared to get back in a position where she can only accept and silent, none of her words were meant to be heard but forced to spit out. It was the time when she can only see herself being stepped, beaten, cornered, without anybody else could help, not even herself.

God brings pieces of her, take a good care, and heal her. He even makes a better version of her, a stronger and faithful one. He adds more courage and love, He decorates her with bunch of forgiveness and patience so she can be friend to everyone, even to persons who was mean to her. He shows her what she has been saved from. She is grateful.

She faces all truths in front of her eyes. Stop herself for being desperate and tear herself apart in regrets. Stop herself for being afraid. She learns to love herself. Being kind without choosing. Give thanks in everything she has. See the beauty in every pain.

She would never be the same.
She is more than a survivor.
She is a warrior who learns how to be happy.

PS: the picture is a private collection of the writer

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Dear a lifetime love

You make me stay up all days and nights.
Four hours only to sleep.
I never complaint.
Sometimes I fail.
I am also exhausted but I never stop.
I don’t have that “give up” words in my glossary on you.
My days are alive because of you.
Like a smile in every surprise you fill my life.

There are moments when shadows,
who kill dreams and destroy characters,
want to take me from you.
Drowned in such times indeed make me give up,
but not on you.
I never hate you.

I give up on those shadows.
Since struggling on what are left behind,
like them, is worthless.
As if they thought they were able to change me,
I tell them not a chance.
Just like I can’t change them either.

Shadows are shadows.
They don’t have a mirror to see themselves.
I am not shadows.
I am is who I am when you are with me.


Kebahagiaan itu memang sederhana, hanya saja cara untuk mendapatkannya yang tidak sesederhana itu.

Untuk bisa bahagia, seseorang harus sadar. Sadar penuh bahwa ada sebagian dari hidupnya yang berada di luar kendalinya. Sadar jika ada kalanya sesuatu terjadi di luar perkiraan dan mungkin bertentangan dengan mimpi yang telah disusun sedemikian rupa. Untuk bahagia, seseorang perlu sadar bahwa Ia hanya harus percaya, percaya kepada Tuhannya. Sadar bahwa semua telah terjadi dan tidak ada yang bisa mengubah masa lalu. Tidak ada yang bisa memutar waktu.

Ketika seorang manusia menjadi sadar, ia akan mulai menerima apa yang terjadi padanya. Memaafkan apa yang dianggapnya telah menghancurkan semua mimpi dan cita-citanya. Terlebih, memaafkan dirinya sendiri, salah satu hal tersulit yang manusia dapat lakukan. Seringkali manusia berhasil memaafkan orang lain akan tetapi tidak mampu memaafkan diri sendiri, membuat manusia tidak dapat menerima apa yang terjadi dalam hidupnya. Tidak mudah memang, tetapi bukan berarti tidak mungkin.

Ia akan belajar. Belajar untuk tersenyum pada mereka yang menghancurkan dirinya. Memahami bahwa memberikan rasa benci dan balas dendam hanya memberikan kepuasan sesaat. Mengetahui bahwa mereka yang berbicara hal yang buruk tentang dirinya, yang berbuat jahat padanya, tak lebih dari mereka yang merasa iri dan terancam olehnya. Ia tidak pernah menyesal atas keputusan yang ia ambil. Ia hanya menyesal karena telah membiarkan dirinya percaya dengan apa yang orang lain ingin Ia percaya.

Sesungguhnya Ia tidak pernah kehilangan dirinya, hanya saja luka yang telah mereka goreskan terlalu dalam untuk Ia dapat menutupnya sendiri. Sejujurnya Ia takut, takut berada di posisi di mana Ia hanya bisa diam dan menerima. Melihat dirinya diinjak, dipojokkan, dipukuli, tanpa ada seorangpun yang mampu menolong. Sahabatnya hanya mampu melihat dan menangis.

Akan tetapi Ia bangkit. Menghadapi kenyataan yang ada di depan matanya. Berhenti menjerumuskan dirinya dalam lembah penyesalan, terhadap dirinya sendiri. Berhenti merasa takut. Ia akan belajar untuk mencintai dirinya sendiri. Tetap berbuat baik tanpa memilih. Bersyukur atas apa yang Ia alami. Melihat keindahan di balik setiap kepahitan yang dialaminya.


Ia tidak akan pernah sama seperti sebelumnya.

Ia bukanlah penyintas.

Ia adalah seorang pejuang.

Ia belajar caranya menjadi bahagia.


PS: main picture is a private collection of the writer


Greetings may consist of one or two words, as simple as “Bonjour”, “Hello”, “Good Morning” or maybe even three words like “How are you”. These little words are going to be very powerful when we add a smile, probably even better with teeth. We never know how far our greetings will inspire others, how deep they will travel into someone’s heart and mind, giving insights, creating hopes.

She chose this title for her first post though she actually can’t speak French, she might not be able to pronounce it well. She just loves to see her best friend saying “BONJOUR!”, a sudden famous word since the Beauty and the Beast movie came out to the cinema. She feels like there is a hidden spirit behind the way her pal says it, a spark of happiness, laughter, and love, as all of her other best friends spontaneously laugh when they hear it. They become happy, she does too.

She just an ordinary girl with a bundle of dreams and problems like others on her age yet she is still a passionate scientist, an idealist dreamer who loves arts, trying to write what’s popping on her mind. Hoping that she can inspire and make people happy with what she’s going to share.



PS: Main picture was taken from this link!

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