Greetings may consist of one or two words, as simple as “Bonjour”, “Hello”, “Good Morning” or maybe even three words like “How are you”. These little words are going to be very powerful when we add a smile, probably even better with teeth. We never know how far our greetings will inspire others, how deep they will travel into someone’s heart and mind, giving insights, creating hopes.

She chose this title for her first post though she actually can’t speak French, she might not be able to pronounce it well. She just loves to see her best friend saying “BONJOUR!”, a sudden famous word since the Beauty and the Beast movie came out to the cinema. She feels like there is a hidden spirit behind the way her pal says it, a spark of happiness, laughter, and love, as all of her other best friends spontaneously laugh when they hear it. They become happy, she does too.

She just an ordinary girl with a bundle of dreams and problems like others on her age yet she is still a passionate scientist, an idealist dreamer who loves arts, trying to write what’s popping on her mind. Hoping that she can inspire and make people happy with what she’s going to share.



PS: Main picture was taken from this link!


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